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OgreTemplate [Deprecated]

Created On January 14th, 2021 | Last Update February 27th, 2024


A bare bones WordPress Gutenberg theme to provide support for the majority of WordPress functionality and be the foundation for custom-developed child themes. This theme is still undergoing significant development in the coming months, so it is not yet ready for public use.

What to see how it all works? Check out our example website for a basic demonstration.

Requires OgreCore and Advanced Custom Fields Pro to be installed for full functionality. Please contact us if you have any further inquiries.


  1. Install the OgreCore supplementary plugin onto your WordPress site. Follow the instructions included for the best results.
  2. Upload the theme files to the /wp-content/themes/ogretemplate directory.
  3. Upload the desired child theme which supports OgreTemplate to the /wp-content/themes directory.
  4. Activate your child theme on the Appearance -> Themes admin page.


Why isn't everything working as expected?

Make sure that you have installed the OgreTemplate supplementary plugin as well. Also, it is important to know that this theme should only act as a parent to a child theme which achieves your specific WordPress desires.

What is this theme?

If you do know what theme you have downloaded, please contact CleverOgre for more information. This plugin is only developed for a small, private audience.


  • Requires at least: 5.0
  • Tested up to: 6.4.2
  • Stable tag:
  • License: GPLv2 or later

Changelog - 2024-02-27

  • BUG: Fixed parameter issue with sidebar.php Archive::get_sidebar call.

0.4.4 - 2024-02-02

  • DEV: Added OgreMapGL.Document triggers.
  • DEV: Improved palette data accessors within OgreTemplate\Customizer\Palette.
  • DEV: Added OgreMapGL.Document padding data option, ie: data-padding="{px}".
  • BUG: Fixed marker icon generation bug in OgreMapGL.Map.
  • BUG: Fixed critical errors with PHP 7.x. - 2024-01-16

  • BUG: Fixed critical script bug with compiled Maps GL module output.

0.4.3 - 2024-01-12

  • NEW: Maps (GL) block and script module with Maplibre GL support. Must call add_theme_support('ogre/maps-gl') earlier than after_theme_setup action to support.
  • DEV: Improved sidebar output handling with new function, OgreTemplate\Archive::get_sidebar.
  • DEV: New abstract block class for advanced script enqueueing and output rendering.
  • DEV: New singleton trait.
  • DEV: Updated license to GPLv3.

0.4.2 - 2023-11-02

  • NEW: Various new template filters.
  • NEW: Add support for geojson marker objects.
  • NEW: Switch to OGTiles vector map server with new style options and backwards compatibility. Some custom styling for maps that used the old raster system may require minor styling updates.
  • NEW: Slider block!
  • DEV: Include theme template style in template hook loading.
  • DEV: New options to ignore modal parts in height calculation.
  • DEV: Allow reveal elements to be added from external scripts.
  • DEV: Improved content-excerpt.php rendering and actions.
  • DEV: Support for custom fonts and improved enqueueing.
  • DEV: Limited support for WP 6.3 aspect ratio feature.
  • DEV: Load external tile layer source with data-style-source.
  • BUG: General minor bug fixes.
  • BUG: General fixes for WP 6.2+ compatibility.
  • BUG: Fixed issues with expander propagation on nested expanders.

0.4.1 - 2023-04-10

  • NEW: Add name override and from/to opacity options to gradients.
  • NEW: Inner content actions, ogre/the_content_inner_before & ogre/the_content_inner_after.
  • NEW: ogretemplate/article_meta_include_date_archive filter added.
  • NEW: Added ogre/schema-faq-expanders theme support to automatically register Yoast FAQ blocks as expanders.
  • NEW: Added new accessors, global variables, and filters to customizer sections.
  • NEW: Optional image modal and header watch height script theme support.
  • DEV: Updated build system.
  • DEV: Support for has-background-gradient class.
  • DEV: Updated Font Awesome Pro to 5.15.4.
  • DEV: Separated subtitle post types from settings post types.
  • DEV: Improved meta taxonomy & terms handling with support for multiple taxonomie and added related posts function.
  • DEV: Improved script module typing and global access.
  • BUG: Fixed minor TS compilation errors.
  • BUG: Widgets REST editor dependency deprecation fix.
  • BUG: Fix deprecated get_page_by_title function.
  • BUG: Various styling and code updates.

0.4.0 - 2022-11-08

  • NEW: Dynamic TS module loading. All modules are now available with pre-selected default modules.
  • NEW: Added color palette support to block editor interface.
  • NEW: Icon block to display customizer icons in a block style with selected attributes.
  • NEW: Added "Secondary Bar" header style.
  • NEW: New Sidebar block!
  • NEW: New palette-based gradient registration. Theme support using ogre/gradients.
  • NEW: Footer menu location to add small links to copyright bar (with default style).
  • DEV: Globalized article meta generation.
  • DEV: Body classes to indicate selected customizer styles.
  • DEV: Improved namespace references.
  • DEV: Improved customizer typography section interface.
  • DEV: Added post navigation link format filters - ogretemplate/article_previous_post_link_format & ogretemplate/article_next_post_link_format.
  • DEV: Improved header image support on taxonomy archives.
  • DEV: Removed page content from posts archive when paged.
  • DEV: New ogre/body_tag_attributes action to add global page attributes.
  • DEV: Control default header view ratio with body attribute - data-view-ratio.
  • DEV: Added more color RGB variable references.
  • DEV: classes attribute for entry meta links.
  • DEV: Inverted scroll option for ScrollBar module with data-invert.
  • DEV: Added before and after active classes to SliderMenu module.
  • DEV: Add min/max zoom and bounds options to OgreMaps - data-min-zoom, data-max-zoom, and data-bounds. OgreMapTileStyle.none removed. Added more zoom control, scale control, and cluster options, self and map to event data, variety of center calls, and marker object abstraction to OgreMaps.
  • DEV: Removed Bourbon sass dependency and improved postcss autoprefixer compatibility. Upgraded node-sass to Dart Sass in Makefile.
  • DEV: Add abstraction to register_sidebar calls. New filter ogre/register_sidebar/args and theme_support ogre/widget-blocks to remove widget wrappers.
  • DEV: Improved single article footer navigation functionality using global methods.
  • DEV: Separated excerpt parts from excerpt template and added new action calls.
  • DEV: Added public accessors and element trigger propagation to Expanders. Allows for multiple open/close trigger instances.
  • DEV: Customizer section field group made public.
  • DEV: Improved support for featured image block within query block.
  • DEV: Improved query block support with ogre/query_block on page_for_posts.
  • DEV: Many template functions globalized such as sidebar and header image.
  • DEV: Global user conditional classes.
  • DEV: Dynamic wp_head generation with ogretemplate/wp_head. Improves support with DevOgre plugin.
  • DEV: Various additional TS module improvements and global accessors.
  • BUG: Improved jQuery compatibility with TS modules.
  • BUG: Fixed fallback font family name generator and improved font variant retrieval.
  • BUG: Fixed default color assignment variable errors.
  • BUG: Fixed customizer icon variant saniziation in ajax call.
  • BUG: Removed warnings in customizer from incorrect calls to acf/init action.
  • BUG: Fixed post ID references in taxonomy selector.
  • BUG: Improvements to ScrollBar TS module and scrollContainer assignment.
  • BUG: Fixed font-size-xs references.
  • BUG: WP 6.1 style compatibility. Primarily buttons and gallery blocks.
  • BUG: Hide empty entry-content.

0.3.7 - 2022-06-28

  • BUG: Added fallback option to customizer typography module when Google Fonts API and local data are unavailable.

0.3.6 - 2022-06-28

  • NEW: Stop scroll expander class option added and default in navigation expander classes. Disabled scroll container when menu is activated.
  • BUG: Improved jQuery compatibility errors.
  • BUG: Improved customizer typography module caching to massively reduce requests to Google Fonts API.

0.3.5 - 2022-06-10

  • NEW: Webp support in image modals.
  • NEW: New default content excerpt template with action support.
  • DEV: Improved slider loading, access, and uninit removal.
  • DEV: menu-%s classes added to navigation templates.
  • DEV: Parallax CSS variable dynamically updated for custom CSS parallax styling.
  • DEV: Adaptive height option exposed for sliders.
  • DEV: entry-meta__link class.
  • DEV: Major improvements to Gravity Forms script helper.
  • BUG: Improved theme support checks.
  • BUG: Header image conditional bug fix.
  • BUG: Column block break flex implementation.

0.3.4 - 2022-03-10

  • NEW: Four columns style on list block.
  • NEW: WordPress 5.9 support. No support currently for "Full Site Editing".
  • DEV: Page text & background color body classes.
  • DEV: Improved parallax module global access.
  • DEV: Theme.json dynamic generation. EXPERIMENTAL: Use add_theme_support('ogre/theme-json', true); to enable.
  • DEV: Added filters - ogretemplate/archive_article_visible, ogretemplate/archive_article_content_visible, ogretemplate/article_meta_taxonomy, and ogretemplate/section/article/container.
  • DEV: Added actions - ogre/archive_inner_before and ogre/archive_inner_after.
  • BUG: PostCSS css variable "0px" bug fix.
  • BUG: Modal href fix.
  • BUG: 404 page container alignment.

0.3.3 - 2022-01-05

  • NEW: Mobile navigation and expander options.
  • NEW: PICO-8 block and JS file upload support.
  • NEW: Modal support with automated gallery modals using has-gallery-modals body class.
  • NEW: Page link option in Page Settings to add button to header.
  • NEW: Button icon setting under Advanced panel in block editor.
  • NEW: Map block options for link, zoom, and style.
  • NEW: Page text color option in Page Settings.
  • NEW: Trigger and toggle options for Reveal block.
  • NEW: Improved editor display to match global customizer options (typography, especially).
  • NEW: List inline columns options in block style selector.
  • NEW: Image block ratio control option to get desired sizing without cropping.
  • NEW: Subtitle block (with post meta support). Removed subtitle field from Page Settings. Backwards compatible.
  • NEW: Ajax page loading when ogre/ajax theme support is defined. Feature is experimental.
  • DEV: Improved article and header classes.
  • DEV: Better separator styling and variables.
  • DEV: Color variable improvements.
  • DEV: New features for Columns and Media & Text.
  • DEV: New 404 page filters and improvements.
  • DEV: Custom slider prev/next arrow data attributes.
  • DEV: TypeScript module global accessibility.
  • DEV: Customizer CSS variable type inheritance and TemplateSection class for global template features.
  • DEV: Added ogre/page_before and ogre/page_after actions. Great for including tracking scripts or notices.
  • DEV: Navigation sub menu variables and stylings.
  • DEV: Support for \OgreCore\Blocks global block functions in block templates.
  • DEV: Completely remove article header DOM when page_title_display is set to hidden. Make sure to include H1 in article content.
  • DEV: Switched from using style-a to style-default. Backwards compatible.
  • DEV: Improved archive support (terms & search as well).
  • DEV: RGB variables included for all text color and background color classes.
  • DEV: Improved paragraph background color support.
  • DEV: Entry navigation filters, ogretemplate/article_previous_post_link and ogretemplate/article_next_post_link.
  • DEV: Added SVG ajax loading event triggers and parent classes.
  • DEV: Gravity Forms ajax multi-page TS support.
  • DEV: Menu block wp_nav_menu arguments filter, ogretemplate/block/menu/args.
  • DEV: Improved button styling & capture states.
  • DEV: Improved search form support.
  • DEV: Experimental block editor content size definitions.
  • BUG: Improved responsive support.
  • BUG: Scrollbar script fix.
  • BUG: Improved expander loading.
  • BUG: Removed unnecessary i18n __() translations which cause errors with plugins like TranslatePress.
  • BUG: Safari/iOS checkbox & radio appearance definitions.
  • BUG: Fixed inverted reveal direction. May cause display compatibility issues.

0.3.2 - 2021-07-23

  • NEW: Parallax block.
  • NEW: Archive header and sidebar support.
  • NEW: Article subtitles and header images.
  • NEW: Article meta generation and filters.
  • NEW: Improved reveal block with delay and additional types.
  • DEV: More module support in css.
  • DEV: Article and archive action structure and filters for more child template control.
  • DEV: Customizer template functions for improved control of header & footer templates.
  • DEV: Basic theme.json support for WP 5.8.
  • DEV: Improved editor css & js support.
  • DEV: Makefile package zipping compilation support.
  • DEV: Cleaned up some asset locations.
  • DEV: Added marker cluster support and more map optimizations.
  • BUG: Image figure margin fix.
  • BUG: Expander group animation active check to prevent multiple concurrent events.
  • BUG: Removed unnused Footer B style.
  • BUG: Header css variable fixes.
  • BUG: Block styling improvements for compatibility with WP 5.7.
  • BUG: Font family line height variable bug fixes.

0.3.1 - 2021-05-11

  • NEW: Map, Menu, Texture, and Reveal blocks!
  • NEW: Map widget!
  • NEW: Hidden header & footer styles.
  • NEW: Fixed header scroll hiding and duration option.
  • NEW: Tertiary color option in Header customizer panel.
  • NEW: Line height based on font families rather than font size in typography customizer panel.
  • DEV: Included ACF Nav Menu field without plugin requirement.
  • DEV: Reduced file size weight by removing unnecessary FontAwesome SVG fonts.
  • DEV: Improved customizer css variable output to generate right after assets to prevent loading style flicker.
  • DEV: Integration with OgreCore API Keys extension.
  • DEV: New widgets system that is similar to customizer panel inheritance.
  • DEV: New left/right slide expander type options and improved group index detection.
  • BUG: Block margin improvements and content layout.
  • BUG: Media & Text block style improvements.
  • BUG: Fixed wp_get_theme calls to always target parent theme to prevent enqueue issues and more.

0.3.0 - 2021-04-15

  • NEW: Customizer panels for Icons, Typography, Header, Footer, Layout, Article, Maps, and Forms. Still needs work on Article, Maps, and Forms panels.
  • NEW: Added geolocation support to Maps module.
  • DEV: Touch Scroll module improvements for mobile devices.
  • DEV: Expander module reliability improvements.
  • DEV: Converted sass variables to global css variables where applicable.
  • DEV: Improved requirements testing on theme load.
  • DEV: Removed javascript ajax compression worker.
  • DEV: Built-in javascript game engine improvements.
  • DEV: New sass structure based on twentytwentyone.
  • DEV: Converted article, header, and footer templates to action-based functionality.
  • DEV: Primary TS modules loaded by default. TS module structure will need reworking in the future.
  • BUG: Changed OgreBase to OgreCore dependency.

0.2.0 - 2021-02-02

  • NEW: Rename to OgreTemplate.
  • NEW: Customizer Panels - Header, Footer, Palette, and Typography.
  • DEV: Container switch from width to max-width focus.
  • DEV: Global variable support for colors and typography.
  • DEV: Increased dependency on OgreBase for many functions and filters.
  • DEV: Action-based DOM output (mostly header and footer).

0.1.0 - 2021-07-14

  • Initial build of the theme based on original OgreBare theme template.

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