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Welcome to the CleverOgre Plugin Portal!

You can find a number of the plugins we have developed for our clients or for internal use here. If you would like to use one of these plugins on our WordPress site, please contact us for more information.


FareHarbor for WordPress – API Sync

Synchronize your site with your FareHarbor account using their API service.

Gravity Forms Matador Jobs & Bullhorn Feed

Use a Gravity Forms form to feed into the Matador Jobs application system and be pushed to the Bullhorn ATS. Greatly expands your ability to optimize the display of application forms.

LearnDash LMS – PhpWord Certificates

Generate LearnDash pdf certificates based on Word document templates. Requires PhpWord and PhpSpreadsheet to be installed via composer before use.


Ogre Obfuscation

Want to remove email addresses from your site when viewed by a robot using client-side encryption techniques? Then this is the plugin for you. Obscuring your email address to pesky bots can help reduce spam while still providing your clients with a direct way to message you and your business.


Display important information on every page of your website with this simple, lightweight plugin.


A collection of powerful, multi-purpose Gutenberg Blocks and tools for your WordPress website.

OgreCore [Deprecated]

A collection of settings and tools that are essential to the OgreTemplate theme.


OgreModal is a plugin developed by CleverOgre in Pensacola, Florida.


Output schema site-wide for your website.


Adds Gutenberg blocks to help embed Simplecast players and connect with the Simplecast API to display podcast feeds automatically.


OgreWoo is a plugin developed by CleverOgre in Pensacola, Florida. It adds additional functionality to WooCommerce.


  • Add a wrapper around WooCommerce notices for better styling.
  • Individual product and product category downloadable files with date, title, and description all listed in a new product tab or from a Gutenberg block.
  • Gutenberg editor support on product pages.
  • Connect a secondary account to to allow for activating and updating WooCommerce Extensions.
  • Order, Subscription and Membership history listed within user’s edit profile screen.
  • Display private products within frontend queries for users with administrator or editor priviledges.
  • Add products per page control to product archives.

QLess WordPress Integration

This plugin is designed to integrate with the QLess API to provide widgets and shortcodes to your site. It is developed by Clever Ogre in Pensacola, Florida.


Force users to login and only allow users to register an account if they have received a direct registration email.


VideOgre is a plugin developed by CleverOgre in Pensacola, Florida. It adds mp4 support to the Media Library and generates GIF previews.

WooCommerce Download Templates

Generate pdf downloads after product purchased based on Word & Excel document templates.

WooCommerce Newtek Payment Gateway Add-On

Extends WooCommerce with the Newtek Gateway payment gateway.

WP Contest Migration

WP Contest Migration is a plugin developed by CleverOgre in Pensacola, Florida.

WP Job Manager – JobAdder Integration

This plugin is no longer supported for further feature implementation or bug fixes. If you have any issues implementing it, feel free to reach out to us via our bug report form, but support is not guaranteed.

WP Job Manager – JobAdder Integration is a plugin developed by CleverOgre in Pensacola, Florida. When used in conjunction with the WP Job Manager plugin and a valid JobAdder account, it will facilitate the import and management of job listings created within JobAdder.

WP-Live Chat by 3CX – Multisite Support

[Obsolete] WP-Live Chat by 3CX – Multisite Support is a plugin developed by CleverOgre in Pensacola, Florida.


OgreChild [Deprecated]

Basic child theme template to integrate with the OgreTemplate theme. Requires OgreCore, Advanced Custom Fields Pro, and OgreTemplate.


A full site editing theme.

OgreTemplate [Deprecated]

A bare bones WordPress Gutenberg theme to provide support for the majority of WordPress functionality and be the foundation for custom-developed child themes. This theme is still undergoing significant development in the coming months, so it is not yet ready for public use.

What to see how it all works? Check out our example website for a basic demonstration.

Requires OgreCore and Advanced Custom Fields Pro to be installed for full functionality. Please contact us if you have any further inquiries.